Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dinosaur Tails

My favorite thing to give 3-year-olds for their birthdays are DRESS UPS!!! They just seem to really get the imagination going when they turn 3.
My Grandson Aiden with his superhero capes that I made him .... enough to share with friends!
My Granddaughter Brook and Me - in various Princess Dresses. (I made the pink one)
So, in celebration of my grandson Ryan's 3rd birthday, his momma called up with a request. Seems that Ryan is obsessed with Dinosaurs.... might be the Christmas dinosaur shirt I bought him - much to his mothers nightmares - that he begs to wear EVERYDAY! So,  I made these dinosaur tails for him to dress up in.

The tutorial was AWESOME! I found it very easy, but I am also an experienced seamstress. I read in the comment section of beginner sewers having an OK time, but they ended up making a few sets, so the pattern can't be that bad!
(It took me 2 hours to make both sets, stuff and sew them shut) 
 You can find the pattern at the following address:
And of course, I HAD to made the proverbial capes! what's a birthday for a 3-year-old boy without capes???
So here is a glimpse of the ones I made. The emblems were appliqued and I found the patterns under Google Images; Superhero emblems. They are made with felt on Satin.
I just LOVE 3-year-olds!!!!