Sunday, December 11, 2011

Call Me Mrs. Christmas!

Last Saturday night, we were able to take the "available" kids and grandkids to the Polar Express!  (by available, I mean living in Utah. Sadly, we are missing a grandchild in California :( ... )

We had a great time, and had an "ugly sweater/tie contest" to make the evening interesting. Jake won the ugly tie contest by default...and for wearing a wooden tie. Ick. But you'll buy anything on your mission to enhance your wardrobe. ie; huge belt buckles with "tennessee mission" on it from Matthew, and a "Bonagly" self portrait t-shirt from Daniel...which he still proudly wears. Not to mention Jakes tie...and we won't even go into the classic pictures from that child.

Guess who won "ugliest sweater"? It should have been Matthew, because I don't think he would wear his sweater again, but I am so going to wear this one again! It's going right into the costume closet after it gets laundered. (Right now it has a combo scent of old lady cologne, DI and my perfume ...trying to cover up the old lady cologne and DI smells. I just may have forgoten to wash it before I wore it! Smelly lesson learned.)

What prompted this contest was rather interesting. I was feeling rather "Bah Humbug" after our first Christmas festivity this season, and I noticed the Bah-Humbug as I was walking through Temple Square with the music and festive lights surrounding me. I couldn't place what was missing, and was rather mystified as to why I would feel so out-of-season surrounded by so much..."season".

On the ride home, and listening to Christmas music of course, I had time to ponder on my dilemma. I love the Christmas Season, but I really wasn't excited for it this year. I was tired, I had a lot on my calendar, and I was starting to get sick. Not a good combo. But ponder I did. And I received an answer to my problem.

I was waiting for Christmas to wrap me in its material arms and tell me what a wonderful time this was going to be. I was taking a passive ride through commercial-ville, and dreading the fighting at the stores and the long lines promising to suck all the time away from me.

... and then I got it. I realized that the season wasn't to go see the colored lights or the gift giving or the songs or the hustle and bustle. The Season was CHRIST. The season is to serve. The season is to lose ourselves in service for Christ. The season is to take care of people and to be happy and to CHOOSE to do those things. All of a sudden my perspective changed. And things started to twinkle.

I got up the next morning (after 5 hours of sleep... I usually require 10) with a fresh start.  I went to our ward Christmas breakfast ready to fix and serve 300 people breakfast, take their pictures with Santa and then clean up. I had a great time! I started to FEEL the Season... and since then I've tried to serve with a cheerful heart and remember who I am really serving. And it's working. I am enjoying the season of CHRISTmas. I am feeling the spirit of CHRISTmas and I love being alive. The Season isn't about "stuff", it's about people.

It's amazing what one little baby sent to the world can do, and how we can all change because of Him. What a wonderful gift! And because of His gifts, I am able to enjoy mine. Thank you Jesus, and Merry Christmas.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Season of Blessings

Ok, so I made it back! This in itself is amazing. The next goal is to add pictures.... wait.... I see a photo icon here.....

The Barlocker Family

...and there ya go. Amazing. Why didn't I see this before?

So this is my family. They are quite entertaining. All different. I love them all. They all make me laugh, cry, feel joyful and frustrated. I love those little grandkids. I can hardly wait to see who they will be. Heck, Im still waiting to see who my kids will be. Most of them are still finding themselves, and it's an amazing adventure. I love growing old and having family around me. I stand in awe at Heavenly Fathers plan for us, and am amazed at all the little details He has thought of before we even are aware of them. ... and so grateful for that.

That man in the middle holding the baby. He is the Love of My Life. I am planning on growing old with him. When I was young and the kids were taking all my time and we didn't get to spend a whole lot of time together, I worried if we would be able to handle large doses of time together without driving each other nuts.

As I am getting older and having that opportunity of spending more time with him, I am finding that I love it! I cherish those times that we are alone, and I'm very comfortable just being by him. I find that we really don't need to talk, but can be content just being there. It's nice. Young was good and it was fun and I definately had more energy. But getting older is ... fulfilling. Life experience makes you see things from a different perspective and Im glad that Im getting to experience that. It makes me more thankful for all the blessings in my life. And my family is definately that.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why This Blog???

So, why a blog? A few things actually. First being that I am very compulsive and must include all and everything into my days to make them so full that they burst. Secondly, on days that I feel a crappy I can still keep my hands busy. (it's not fun to sew or crochet all the time!)  and third, I finally figured out how to get this far on a blog! :) I'm old school. Blogging isn't in my blood. Heck! email wasn't there originally! Time will tell if I can actually find my way back here to write a second post!

And.... I like to create. And I like to give. So hopefully I can create some patterns and at least give you a link on how to get them.

I don't have any cute little kids anymore. They all grew up. But I am getting some pretty cute little grandkids now. Karma. Rewards. I love being a grandma. I had a wonderful grandma to show me the ropes and now I'm trying to swing on that rope and not fall off. If I can be half as good a grandma as mine was, I'll be great. Karma. My oldest grandchild started calling me "Gramma Lynn" . Awesome. MY Grandma was Grandma Lynn. Nice.

I guess this is also a way to keep a journal. Just a warning. My mind wanders and so I apologize to any who read this and wonder why I start out with one subject and end up 180 degrees by the time the article is done. That's just me. Go with it or x out. Up to you. Doesn't hurt my feelings. I guess all in all, I'm doing this for me. Maybe somewhere along the line there might be a nugget or tidbit of information that you can use. Maybe my kids will hear a story that they've never heard before (though highly unlikely!!!! ) and just maybe I can fulfill a need to share with people. Time will tell. So for now, enjoy your day. Love your spouse with all your breath, and Remember that with God, all things are possible. Awesome.