Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why This Blog???

So, why a blog? A few things actually. First being that I am very compulsive and must include all and everything into my days to make them so full that they burst. Secondly, on days that I feel a crappy I can still keep my hands busy. (it's not fun to sew or crochet all the time!)  and third, I finally figured out how to get this far on a blog! :) I'm old school. Blogging isn't in my blood. Heck! email wasn't there originally! Time will tell if I can actually find my way back here to write a second post!

And.... I like to create. And I like to give. So hopefully I can create some patterns and at least give you a link on how to get them.

I don't have any cute little kids anymore. They all grew up. But I am getting some pretty cute little grandkids now. Karma. Rewards. I love being a grandma. I had a wonderful grandma to show me the ropes and now I'm trying to swing on that rope and not fall off. If I can be half as good a grandma as mine was, I'll be great. Karma. My oldest grandchild started calling me "Gramma Lynn" . Awesome. MY Grandma was Grandma Lynn. Nice.

I guess this is also a way to keep a journal. Just a warning. My mind wanders and so I apologize to any who read this and wonder why I start out with one subject and end up 180 degrees by the time the article is done. That's just me. Go with it or x out. Up to you. Doesn't hurt my feelings. I guess all in all, I'm doing this for me. Maybe somewhere along the line there might be a nugget or tidbit of information that you can use. Maybe my kids will hear a story that they've never heard before (though highly unlikely!!!! ) and just maybe I can fulfill a need to share with people. Time will tell. So for now, enjoy your day. Love your spouse with all your breath, and Remember that with God, all things are possible. Awesome.

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  1. Glad you joined the blogging world :-). I look forward to further posts. Oh, and you're an awesome grandma!